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Creating Knowledge 2008

We warmly welcome you to Creating Knowledge V Conference in Turku/Åbo, Finland, 20-22 August 2008.

Information behaviour on the Internet – challenges for the libraries

Internet is by now an integrated part of the different fields of everyday life. While everyone develops an expertise in a selected and limited field of the net, libraries try, on the basis of the library profession, to teach their customers to comprehensively manage information in an educational context. The current situation implies educational, technological and organizational challenges for libraries. They have to consider other experiences and approaches to the Internet than those of their own, as well as learn to interpret changing information behaviours.

Subthemes of the conference:

Information behaviour

  • information behaviour in different contexts and situations
  • social, cognitive and psychological aspects which influence information behaviour
  • information exchange on the net
  • collective information behaviour
  • ethical aspects of information handling
  • non-goal oriented information behaviour
  • to google or not to google

Educational challenges of the libraries

  • developing information literacy
  • information literacy in different contexts
  • joint projects and collaborators
  • new roles for librarians
  • to develop learning environments on the net

Technological and organizational challenges of the libraries

  • local and national applications of new technology
  • Web 2.0, Web 3.0 and the library
  • librarian/customer contacts on the net
  • the availability, visibility and scope of the library
  • establishing the library in new virtual environments
(from: CK V official website http://congress.utu.fi/creatingknowledge2008/)




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