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Creating Knowledge III

3rd Information Literacy Conference
25th 26th September 2003
at Hotel KEA, Akureyri, Iceland

CKIII is the 3rd conference in its series addressing the issues of Information Literacy. It has previously been held in Malmö, Sweden but now it is part of the recently established Nordic Information Literacy Institute, NORDINFOlit, which belongs to a number of projects funded by NORDINFO http://www.nordinfo.helsinki.fi/publications/nordnytt/nnytt2-3_02/nya-projek t.htm.

In the future the conference will be held every second year in one of the Nordic countries. The University of Akureyri is organizing and hosting the next conference, Creating Knowledge III, 25th- 26th September 2003. A Nordic steering committee of Information Literacy (NORDINFOLit:s styrgrupp) is engaged in the preparation of the programme, as well as a committee of Icelandic university librarians involved with Information Literacy.

The conference language will be English and the aim is to acquire well-known international experts and lecturers. The preliminary programme is still under construction but the emphasis will be on Information Literacy from the higher education perspective. The former two conferences focused on the complexity of IL and the learning environment whereas CKIII will among others address issues concerning the educational role of the librarian within the learning environment.

Topics might include; Information Literacy and the role of the librarian as a teacher, effective learning, learning theories and styles, assessment of IL Programmes, IL and distance learning. The aim is to focus on the situation in Europe, USA, Canada and the UK;how the situation is today what has been gained over the past years, how far have we gone?

The conference will primarily be targeted at librarians from different library sectors as well as researchers, information officers, IT strategists and education and library planners.

More detailed information can be obtained from:
Astrid Margrét Magnúsdóttir, The University of Akureyri Library (astrid@unak.is)

Christina Tovoté, Stockholm University Library (christina.tovote@sub.su.se)


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