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ckII 2001


"Creating Knowledge",

an international conference held at Malmoe University on 15-16 April, highlighted current trends in information literacy and focused on the library as a learning-resource center from a global as well as a domestic perspective. The conference provided clear proof of the renaissance currently taking place within the library community, and this new vitality was vigorously and enthusiastically expressed by the participating lecturers, who talked about existing developments and future visions of the library as a place of learning. [Read more...]

pointer.gif (834 bytes) PROGRAMME

First session:
Information Technology and Learning

IT and Human Communication   Pelle Ehn, Professor, Malmö University, Sweden

The National Institute for Information Literacy:
A National Agenda   Cerise Oberman, Dean, Plattsburgh State University of New York, USA  [Abstract]                                 

Second Session:
A New Approach to Learning

Virtual Classroom. International Distance Education
from Malmö   Rolf Attström, Professor, Malmö University, Sweden

Information Literacy in Higher Education   Paulette Bernhard, Professor, Université de Montréal, Canada   [Presentation]

Third Session:
The Active Library

From Library to Learning Resource Centre: a case study
of the Adsetts Centre at Sheffield Hallam University   Graham Bullpit, Director, Sheffield Hallam University, UK 

DEDICATE. Distance Education courses in  
Information Literacy   Nancy Fjällbrant, Deputy Director, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden  [Abstract]

Fourth Session:
Learning Environments

The Future is now. Virtual Libraries and Library Schools   Ken Dowlin, Library Planner and Consultant, San Fransisco, USA  [Abstract] [Presentation]

Library Environments - some Perspectives   Pierre Ewald, Senior Lecturer, Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark  [Abstract]

Smarter Education: The INFOLIT Example   Cathy-Mae Karelse, Director, INFOLIT, South Africa                                                                        

Workshops on Information Literacy
Programs in Libraries

Fifth Session:
Into the Next Millennium

Learning from experience: making the Learning Centre
count in the twenty-first century   Graham Bullpit, Director, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Who counts in the next millennium?  Anna Brümmer, PhD student, Lund University and students from Malmö and Lund Universities


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