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The National Institute for Information Literacy:
A National Agenda In response to the growing recognition of the importance of information literacy as part of the educational curriculum, the Association of College & Research Libraries has established the Institute for Information Literacy (IIL). The IIL is dedicated to playing a leadership role in assisting individuals and institutions in integrating information literacy throughout the full spectrum of the educational process. Presently, the IIL has undertaken three major initiatives, including professional development for librarians, institutional strategies for implementing information literacy programs and community partnership programs.

Presentation by Cerise Oberman, Dean, Plattsburgh State University of New York, USA


DEDICATE. Distance Education courses in Information Literacy  

This paper will describe the design and implementation of the networked professional development courses in Training for Information Literacy which have been developed under the DEDICATE (Distance EDucation Information Courses Through nEtworks) Project. DEDICATE has been funded under the EU Telematics for Libraries 4th Framework Programme. The project has nine partners from Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and the UK. The DEDICATE courses are being run at five Central and Eastern European universities. Participants are both library staff and academic staff. The DEDICATE courses are based on experiential on-line learning. The goal is the development, by the participants, of Information Literacy courses tailored to the needs of selected user groups within their parent universities. [More information]

Presentation by Nancy Fjällbrant, Deputy Director, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden


The Future is now. Virtual Libraries and Library Schools

The Internet is having the largest impact on communication and business of any technology since the invention of the computer. Its explosive growth predicts that it will be globally ubiquitous in our lifetimes. It is inevitable that it will transform libraries and education. What are the elements shaping our future? How will libraries and higher education institutions be transformed? Are they ready for this transformation? What are the consequences if they don't adapt? Ken Dowlin who is Distinguished Visiting Professor of Library Science at the San Jose State University in the heart of Silicon Valley, a technology pioneer in libraries, a former City Librarian for San Francisco, and author of the book The Electronic Library will discuss these questions. He will present his views on the virtual university, the virtual library, and the Cognitive Map of the Virtual School of Library and Information Science. His forthcoming book on Using New Technology Effectively: A Librarian's Toolkit will be published this summer by Highsmith Press. [More information]

Presentation by Kenneth E. Dowlin Distinguished Visiting Professor San Jose State University And designated architect of the Virtual School of Library and Information Science


Library Environments - some Perspectives  

Presented is the librarys physical interior design as a critical factor for the creation of a learning environment. Recent developments in library design internationally - public as well as academic - is discussed, and special attention is called to the integration of various media and categories of staff in a library interior design for learning and interaction.

Presentation by Pierre Evald, Senior Lecturer, Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark


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Virtual Classroom. International Distance Education from Malmö  
Rolf Attström, Professor, Malmö University, Sweden

Information Literacy in Higher Education  
Paulette Bernhard, Professor, Université de Montréal, Canada  

The Future is now. Virtual Libraries and Library Schools  
Ken Dowlin, Library Planner and Consultant, San Fransisco, USA 
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