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Information Literacy and the Library as a Learning Resource Centre Consequences for User Education, Design and Library Professions

An International Conference at Malmö University, Sweden 15th –16th of April 1999

The new University of Malmö was inaugurated in August 1998 and the university library and resource center will be the first of it´s new buildings ready for use in the year 2002. In the architectural competition the Library is described like this:

"The library will have a central function within the college community. It will be the focal point of the college´s information system and, in cooperation with the Malmö City Library, a link to regional, national and global networks."

Furthermore the library will be designed to reflect the visions and goals of Malmö University and consistute an integral part of the academic establishment. A main goal for the new University is to make the students information literate.

The concept "information literacy" is well known and widely discussed in the world of research libraries today. The American Library Association, ALA, has described it as "the ability to search for, evaluate and use information in critical thinking and problem solving". Every student graduated at Malmö University will possess a high degree of this special kind of literacy. The student will also have the ability to continue developing his or her skills and be able to convert information into knowledge that can be put into practice.

The library is consistently and consciously designed and planned for developing students´ information skills.

In order to throw light upon all the different aspects of information literacy, Malmö University arranges the first in a series of international conferences with presentations and workshops led by distinguished experts.

The conference will be organized in cooperation with:
BIBSAM, The Royal Library's Department for National Co-ordination and Development
BIVIL, the Library- and Information Science Department of Lund University
The City of Malmö
Bibliotekstjänst AB

We invite you to this two days international conference with speeches and workshops led by internationally well reputed experts.

Target groups: librarians, faculty, researchers, informations officers, IT-technicians and strategists, architects, planners and university students.

The conference language will be in English and Swedish.

The address to the conference location is Citadellsvägen 7.

The conference fee will be 500 SKR.

The following hotels have rooms reserved for the conference:
Prize Hotel, Carlsgatan 10 C, 21120 Malmö, tel +46+40 6112511 (Single room incl breakfast 500 SKR)
Good Morning Hotel, Citadellsvägen 4, tel +46+40 239605, (Single room incl breakfast 600 SKR)
Residens Hotel, Adelgatan 7, 21122 Malmö, tel +46+40 6112530 (Single room incl breakfast 850 SKR)
Hotel Noble House, Gustav Adolfs Torg 47, 21139 Malmö, tel +46+40 6643000 (Single room incl breakfast 895 SKR) 

Delegates are kindly requested to contact the hotels and give the name of the conference. 

Last date for registration: 15th of March

Online registration

For further information contact:

Tove Persson, Library Director,
Barbro Roos, Head, Library Planning,
Christina Tovoté, Head, User Education,

Address: Academic Services, Malmö University, S-20506 Malmoe, Sweden
Telephone: 46-40-6657300 Telefax: 46-40-6657301